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Michael Lantrip

What People Say

“Once again, Michael Lantrip hits it out of the park!  His clear, concise, and well presented books are a must for both beginners and experienced investors.  These are must read books for your investing library.” A.C.

What People Say

“Just completed a $10M Exchange with the help of Michael’s Section 1031 books.  They were very helpful.” Leah G.

What People Say

“Michael Lantrip is amazing!!  I received this book and started reading.  Getting to page eleven, I understood that I had the incorrect business entity (LLC) for the state I live in.” Mike K.

What People Say

“Author is very diligent about providing objective and useful information.  He’s not trying to sell you anything.” Robert J.

What People Say

“I’ve been in real estate for over 20 years.  I’ve read countless books, attended lectures and classes.  And Michael Lantrip still teaches me something I did not know with each book he writes.” Ken

What People Say

“His experience and knowledge illustrates clearly he has sat on every side of the table.” B.S.R.

What People Say

“I like that he gives credit to other authors who have produced more exhaustive work on certain topics.  That is a great quality and adds to his credibility.” S.Y.

What People Say

‘I will read every book this author ever writes.” Lisa S.

What People Say

“Michael Lantrip is my favorite real estate author.  He distills material into its basic form and shows you what matters and what doesn’t.” A.C.

What People Say

“I particularly like the fact that Mr. Lantrip uses scenarios to explain potential issues that a real estate investor may find themselves in, the possible outcomes, and what you need to do to avoid the pitfalls.” Claudine

Hi!  I’m Monster.  And this is my person.  He’s OK, you can trust him.  I do.  He’s just a very experienced old guy who has done it himself, done it for clients, become an expert in the process, and now he writes and talks about it, so that you can become the best real estate investor you can be.  And I’ll see you over at the Store.  I’m working today.



This is the costliest and most difficult area of Real Estate Investing.  I have Landlord Forms Packages for each of the 50 States.  Real help for Real Estate Investors.


Verbal agreements are usually not binding nor enforceable in Real Estate deals.  You need it all in writing, and it needs to track the state law.  Here are all of the forms.


This is where you make the real money, or sometimes lose it if your documents don’t nail it down.  There are countless way to do the same deal.  Get it right!