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1031 Exchange Dictionary Part 1

The world of Section 1031 Exchanges has its own language.  The words will be familiar to you, but the meanings will be specific to the Internal Revenue Code language, not the common everyday language that we use.  You should explore this Article before you start trying learn about doing a Section 1031 Exchange.


1031 Exchange Dictionary Part 2


1031 Exchange Dictionary Part 3


1031 Exchange Land? Yes!


1031 Exchange Rules (10)


1031 Exchange Rules (+6)


A Living Trust Is Not A Trust


An LLC With A Partnership? Yes?


Balance Sheet Example


Buy With Cash?


Buy-Sell Agreements Explained


Cash-On-Cash ROI? Calculate It.


Clear Title? You Don’t Have It.”


Debt Cancellation Is Taxable


Guarantee A Loan?  Wait Up!”


High-Priced Or Low-Priced Real Estate?


How Much To Borrow


How To Learn Everything About Real Estate


Knowledge Compounding


Lease Purchase For The Seller


Loan Approval? Yeah, Sure. Whatever.


Real Estate Depreciation Is A Fraud


Refinance For Free Money?  No!


Seller Financing 1031 Exchange


Seller Financing Real Estate – The New Way


The 360-Day Year.  Yeah, Really.


The Acceleration Clause


The Due-On-Sale Clause Is Real


Title By Adverse Possession, The Myth


Transfer Real Estate To Your LLC?  No!


Who Has Your Rents?