How To Learn Everything About Real Estate


Learn everything about real estate?

Of course, you can’t learn everything, there isn’t enough time.

And even if you did learn everything, you wouldn’t have the time to apply all that knowledge.

But there is a certain level of knowledge that you need in order to perform as a top Real Estate Investor.

Today, we are going to look at the most powerful learning tool that you can have.

And don’t worry, it is also probably the simplest.

And if you use it, it will change your life.

Let me show you what 12 minutes a day can do for you.

This Article is a focusing of a prior Article that was called “Knowledge Compounding.”


We all want to learn more, and we all know that we need to learn more.

But how do we get there from here?

Well, sometimes the most powerful learning tool that you have, is also the simplest.

Not often.

But sometimes.

And when you find it, it can transform your life.


There are probably 12 top-quality books on Real Estate Investing that you could read right now, and they would put you in the top 10% of all Real Estate Investors with whom you are acquainted, in terms of knowledge.

That’s where you would like to be.  In that top 10%.

But how long would that take?

Well, what if I told you that you could read those twelve books in about a year, easily.

Let’s look at the math.

How long does it take you to read an average Nonfiction business book of about 220 pages?

For me, it depends.

If I am already familiar with the subject matter in the book, it takes me maybe three hours.

If it is an unfamiliar area, maybe three days, reading a couple of hours a day.

And that seems to be the average for most people.

So let’s say that it takes a total of six hours to read a book.

Most audiobook narrations for a 220-page nonfiction book take about six hours, so that’s probably pretty accurate.

Six hours is 360 minutes.

Now, let’s look at your daily routine.

Do you have twelve minutes a day to set aside for reading?

Of course, you do.

If you only read for twelve minutes each day, in a month that’s 360 minutes, which is 6 hours, which is one book.

So, twelve minutes a day equals one book in one month.

You can do that.  In fact, you’ll probably read twice that if you really do want to learn everything about real estate, and if you find the right books.

But my point is that you can easily read your top 12 Real Estate Investing books in one year.

Imagine that you have just finished reading those twelve books.  What do you think your outlook or point of view would be, right now, as we are talking, if you already had the knowledge from those twelve books?

In a prior Article called “Knowledge Compounding,” I explained how by increasing you knowledge of Real Estate Investing by just 5% per month, in three years you would know 6 times as much as you do now.

Well, in reading those twelve books, you will probably double or triple the 5% per month increase in your total knowledge of Real Estate Investing

So you could probably increase your knowledge of Real Estate Investing by 6 times in just the first year, instead of three years.

Think about it.

The numbers are all there.

If you would like an example of what I am talking about, how to learn everything about real estate, go to the Article that I wrote about Lease Purchase For The Seller and read that.  It should take less than 12 minutes.  When you are finished, sit and think about how much more you know that you did not know 12 minutes before.  This is an example of spending your time with refined, organized, authoritative content, and not spending half an hour trying to get through someone’s ramblings with no organization.


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